Boyd helped me save my house from foreclosure. When he approached me about my defaulted mortgage I thought he was a scammer. Until that is I got a foreclosure notice and then I knew he was serious. He modified my loan to the point I could afford to make the monthly payments and kept me in my house.

– Keith A
Warrenton, VA.


Went 5 years without paying on my HELOC and thought I was free and nobody would bother me. Then I get a letter telling me my mortgage holder was Boyd. He worked with me and Kathy my wife to modify my loan with a reasonable balloon. Now we can stay in our home.

– Ray & Kathy C
Orange, Texas


I am a disabled veteran from duty in Iran. Things were very tough and we got behind on our mortgage payments. We just threw the late notices in the trash. Went three years without paying because I could not work and disability income was too small. Boyd reduced our interest rate from 9% to 2% which we could handle. Then he worked with our extended family to pay down a portion of the principal so that we will have the loan payed off in 5 years. We tried to work with the bank but they just shut us down.

– Sgt. Robert M
Lexington, Ohio