First Lien Real Estate

 Increase the earning power of your Money by becoming a Deed of Trust Investor (Private Investor) with Fletcher, Loucks, & Rondeau LLC.

See The Difference

Amount invested=$100,000 Yearly Return on a 1% Bank CD=$1,000

Amount invested=$100,000 Yearly Return on a 9% Private Mortgage=$9,000

The choice is yours.

We use capital from various sources including private money to fund acquisitions in residential real estate. These private loans are composed of the purchase price and  a repair amount that will be used to restore the property to its full market value and these loans are not pooled with other loans and investments.

Have you considered getting a higher ROI than a CD or other common types of investments?

Private loans provide an investor with the following:

*Reliable income stream

*Fixed yield of 6-10%

*Secured position backed by collateral

*Short term

*Hassel free investing

*Mail Box Money

Do you have money tied up in stocks, bonds, CD’S, mutual funds, savings accounts or a self directed IRA or 401K that you are getting little or no return? You can now take control of your money and attain returns that build long term wealth secured by first lien position.

Maximum Security, Protection, and Collateral

  • Your investment is secured! These loans are secured by first and only Deed of Trust with low loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of below 70%. This is not a mortgage pool. The funds are completely secured by first lien position. These can be short- term notes or notes may range from 6 months to one year or longer if desired.
  • A promissory note, equal to your investment, is created along with your Deed of Trust with you named as beneficiary. You receive a security instrument with a property as collateral and a Promissory note will be created for your benefit.
  • You are named on the property’s individual insurance policy for increased protection. Each property is insured up to its ARV (After Repair Value).

In addition:

  • At your discretion—interest will be paid either monthly, quarterly, yearly, or in one lump sum-to you, your company, or your direct account.
  • You have no closing costs, fees, or commissions to pay. (Can your broker make that claim?)
  • We work with a team of professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, title companies, appraisers, insurance agents, which is necessary in making sure all bases are covered.
  • Real estate is a stable and secure investment that historically has appreciated over time.
  • We do not accept funds, yet rather through a third party such as a attorney or title company. Transparency is very important to us.