1. Full Purchase: This is the most traditional way. You sell the entire balance of the note and receive a lump sum payment.
  1. Partial Purchase: You sell a specific number of future payments. After the completion of the payments, the loan is transferred back to you.
    This type of transaction is very popular with those note owners who do not want to sell their note all at once. You may in fact not need or want the full amount of the note all at once. This allows you to take immediate Cash in the amount you want and then sell more payments in the future.
  1. Installment Purchases: This type of payout is where a combination of two Or more partials paid out over specific periods. This provides you multiple lump sums of cash sooner rather than later. This reduces the number of tax reporting periods, collections, accounting, insurance and more.
  1. Split-Payment Partial Purchase: This is the other alternative that allows you to have your cake and eat it too. What you are doing is selling a specific number of future payments due to you. This way you are not worried about losing all the monthly cash flow that you have been used to. With this type of payment, we purchase only a portion of the monthly payment you receive.
    The amount of payments you sell is up to you. It could be 12,24 or whatever you decide. This would leave you a monthly income of the remaining portion of the payment you choose to sell. As with the other partial purchase methods, once we receive that to which we are entitled, the loan is reassigned to you.

What is Your Note Worth?