Do You Need Immediate Cash From Your Note?

If you need cash now, we can design a program around your needs.

No Third Party

You are dealing direct with the principals of the business. We are not a brokerage house. No chance for miscommunication as to what your note is worth, and when you will get your cash.

What is Your Note Worth?

Once we have all the necessary information we can evaluate your note and the you decide whether you want part or all your money for your note.

Challenging Note?

Possible you have a challenging note, such as one which is non-performing, a second mortgage, or one with poor credit and payment history. If possible we will design a plan that will allow you to get as much cash as possible.You possible may have a note for cell tower or bill boaed which we are able to assist you with.


We pay virtually all closing costs. If you have liens other than mortgages such as mechanics lien, child support, municipal liens, you will have to discharge those at the time of closing.


Closing can take 3-4 weeks. Much of it depends on you having your paper work on order. Many people have their important papers in several places in their house or safety deposit box. Before you ask for a quote have all your important papers together as you will need them to fill out a quote form as well as close.
Go to the Quote tab and see a list of all the documents you are going to need. If you have any questions, e-mail or call 210-807-3382.

What is Your Note Worth?