The Huckster

Predicting the future is a very hard thing to do especially when it involves investments. Calls come into my office quite regularly by people trying to sell gold, silver, stocks, and gas oil. They make claims about how wealthy you can get. They have all kinds of voodoo evidence as to how these investments are […]

Don’t Let the Door of Opportunity Hit...

One of the common complaints I hear is that most people have is the lack of income to provide them the standard of living they would love to have. My question usually is what are you doing to correct the issue? And the sheepish reply is Nothing. As Harry Truman used to say the Buck […]

Do You Have Financial Priorities?

In November, I was in San Diego to attend a Magnify Your Wealth Seminar and after the second-day session was over, Aaron Young the host took about 50 of us out on the bay late in the afternoon. I snapped this picture of the sea lions contemplating their financial future. They don’t seem to have […]

Are You Relevant?

The Following is by Jeff Watson a lawyer in Ohio By Jeff Watson on Jun 30, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments I had the opportunity recently to learn from a man who challenged much of what I knew about how adults learn. Mr. Jeff Hurt was a speaker at the Mid-Year Convention hosted by […]

Is Innovation Dead?

I recently heard a recording by Jay Baer who was attending a convention put on by IBM in Las Vegas called IBM Impact @ InterConnect – 2015 Global Conference.  Jay was making the point that innovation maybe dead or sort of dead. In today’s environment, whether or not it is in the computer technology sector […]

Be Brief and To The Point

Recently I wrote an advertisement for a part-time temporary job in Craigslist and had it posted 3 weeks and received 1 response. I was very detailed in the advertisement as to the job description. Needless to say I was a little disappointed in the results. So I decided to rewrite the advertisement in point form […]

Is Your Balloon Coming Due-Be Proacti...

I have been hearing from many of you that have some balloon payments coming due. May not be a problem for many of you BUT if you have a property that may not be performing very well along with a very cautious appraisal and lending environment it may not be as easy as you thought […]

Owner Financing – Ask

When I take my group of folks around and look at properties there will be quite a few that will have owner financing as a possibility. Why? Many reasons actually and some you should use when you are working on your purchases right now. 1. Rate of return. A rate of 6% – 8% on […]

Review Before Moving Ahead

A couple of days ago I told you the three questions you need to be asking yourself when you purchase an apartment property…BEFORE you purchase. By way of review.. Are The Numbers Real and Can They Be Verified? 5 Years From Now Will This Location Be Attractive To Renters and Possible Buyers Of This Apartment Property? […]

Check The Numbers Before Pulling The ...

Three questions you make sure you ask yourself when it comes to investing in an apartment or commercial investment property…. 1. Are The Numbers Real and Can They Be Verified? 2. Five Years From Now Will This Location Be Attractive To You? 3. Renters and Possible Buyers Of This Apartment Property? Do I Want To Be […]

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