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Using Debt To Increase Your Net Worth

What We Do?

We buy and sell Mortgages, Trust Deeds, Land Contracts, Real Estate Notes, Secured Notes and Business Notes all across the United States. We will look at all types of real estate backed notes, such as Single Family Dwellings, Commercial, Multi-Family, Self-Storage, Mobile Homes, Mobile Home Parks and Medical Facilities.

Can I Be A Part Of This?

Yes you can buy as well as sell notes you may own. You can own private notes as well as bank notes. It is just a matter of what your goals are. You can also buy notes one at a time (one offs) or in bulk (pools). We can help you acquire or buy notes of all types. Whether it be on vacant land, single family dwellings, mobile homes or possible on a medical facility.

Due Diligence

When you buy a note you are responsible to do your own due diligence. We will not do it for you yet we will recommend public sources that are available that will allow you to do the necessary research. Fletcher, Loucks & Rondeau L.L.C. does not provide any legal or professional advice. You need to seek such advice on your own. All transaction are conducted by an attorney or Title Company as well as the exchange of funds between.

Why Notes?

For one thing you are not having to put up with Tenants, Trash, Toilets and Turnover. You are the bank and controlling the shots. If you had a mortgage with a loaning institution do you think they would be concerned with the above 4 T’s? No, not at all. All they are concerned about is that they get their monthly payment, you as the owner have to take care of the operational problems.

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create passive income for life boyd mcclean


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Have A General Inquiry?

If you have an inquiry and feel a call is not neccesary at this point, you can contact us via email at: boyd@boydmcclean.com

Physical Address : Fletcher, Loucks & Rondeau L.L.C. Adkins, TX 78101 Telephone : 210-807-3382